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23rd AM-Platform 3rd web meeting

Date: February 2nd  2022 starting at : 14.00 ending: 16.30h

Venue: webmeeting TEAMs

Final Agenda:

14.00 h    Welcome and AM-Platform Status -Martin Schaefer, AM-Platform Chair

14.15 h   Horizon Europe-New calls related to AM - Giulia Marzetti, European Commission 

Project  sessions

14.30-14.45 h - A seamless and integrated solution for the Additive Manufacturing of steel components- Jorge Arias, AIMEN

14.45-15.00 h -Commercialisation of AMable project- Olivier Jay, DTI

Emerging sectors:

AM on the Building sector 

15.00h-Metal 3D printing for the built industry- Rene Bax, MX3D company

15.15h-Low tech - High tech: from the raw earth to the 3D printed architecture- Alberto Chiusoli, WASP company

AM on defence

15.30h- EDA activities on AM – Selected examples -Martin Huber and Mathieu Schwander, EDA 

Members pitches

15.45h From AI to intellectual property rewarding, data is a fuel for collective value creation : idea for national non profit partners-Christophe Eschenbrenner, France Additive

15.52h Additive Manufacturing and automation in construction: AMAC research group capabilities- Michele Palermo,University of Bologna

Next steps for the AM-Platform

16.00h  Next steps for the AM-Platform – 2022 actions

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