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21st AM-Platform 2nd web meeting

Date: Decemebr 10th 2020 start 14.00

Venue: webmeeting TEAMs


14:00  Welcome and AM-Platform update  - Martin Schaefer (AM Platform Chair)

14.05 Horizon Europe what to expect? -Jurgen Tiedje (European Commission)

14.35 Update on the Made In Europe Partnership- Željko Pazin (EFFRA)

15.00-16.00h Breakout sessions on AM key topics (tbc)

-          AM National and Regional initiatives and activities

 -          AM Qualifications and work force development

 -          AM implementation and Industrialization

 -          New Materials and improved Processes development in AM

If you are  interesting to join, please let send and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following data:

SESSION CHOSEN ( from the 4 mentioned before)

DO  YOU WANT TO PRESENT SOMETHING?  If so, in which session?  Please send a possible title and an paragraph summarising the topic of your presentation.