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Jobs and Students

Two Research Associate posts available on (1) In situ synchrotron imaging of Additive Manufacturing; (2) Imaging volcanic processes on a synchrotron (at Harwell, Oxfordshire)

 Post 1: S&E-10513 Research Associate: In Situ Imaging of Additive Manufacturing

 This is a 30 month post, funded by Rolls-Royce and the EPSRC, forming part of the new £10m Future Manufacturing Hub in Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes (MAPP, You will help design and commission unique process replicators that allow in situ synchrotron imaging of blown powder additive manufacturing. You will have a passion for research on additive manufacturing and ideally experience in instrument design, synchrotron experiments, and quantification of the time-resolved images.


Post 2: S&E-10519 Research Associate: Imaging Volcanic processes on a synchrotron

This is a 12 month post, which is part of a NERC funded project to shed new light on volcanoes via real time synchrotron x-ray tomography of magmatic phenomena. Working closely with volcanology groups at Manchester, Liverpool, Cambridge and other locations, you will perform unique experiments to replicate magma flows whilst performing 4D (3D plus time) synchrotron tomographic imaging, answering key questions in volcanology.  You will quantify the time-resolved 3D images via the application of advanced image processing techniques.



Principle Investigator in Additive Manufacturing

[march 2016]
Advanced Manufacturing Ireland (Dublin) is looking for Principle Investigator in Additive Manufacturing.

 Role overview:

Advanced Manufacturing Ireland is the collective family brand for Applied, Industry-Focused Manufacturing Research including ICMR (Irish Centre for Manufacturing Research), i2e2 (Innovation for Ireland's Energy Efficiency) and Irish Manufacturing Research Ltd.
Advanced Manufacturing Ireland is seeking a Principle Investigator who will be responsible for building and developing the organisation’s capability and research capacity to meet the growing needs of the centre and its industrial research partners in the area of additive manufacturing and 3D printing.
The successful candidate must have demonstrated significant experience in developing additive manufacturing solutions, in particular 3D printing solutions, for Industrial applications.
He/she will have the ability to apply technical knowledge to new environments and communicate this clearly to a diverse network with which he/she may not have been previously familiar.  

Purpose of the Job:

The objective of the Centre, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland and the IDA Ireland, is to undertake industry-focused applied research for the benefit of, and with direct relevance to, the Irish manufacturing industry.
The aim of this position is to lead the development of capability and research teams in additive manufacturing and 3D printing.

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University of Portsmouth is looking for a PhD candidate

I am looking for a candidate (there is a bursary for UK or EU candidate) for a PhD in the area of Additive Manufacturing. Suitable candidates should hold MSc and/or BEng in Mech of Manuf Eng.

For information please contact Dr Krassimir Dotchev: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.