European technology Sub-platform in Additive manufacturing: be aware of the latest advances on AM and 3D printing technologies and network with key stakeholders.


What is the AM-platform?

The AM-platform is a free of charge virtual central European area for all subject related to Additive Manufacturing (hereafter named AM)

The objective of the AM-platform is to contribute to a coherent strategy, understanding, development, dissemination and exploitation of AM.

AM is fragmented. Lots of organizations are working or doing research in this area but there is no coherent strategy and several interpret the subject differently. There is no central organization or place for peoples to for instance ask questions, to start a discussion, to find expertise, or to up- or download an interesting paper or article.

This platform helps to achieve the Lisbon & Gothenburg objectives as defined by the EC (to become the most dynamic and most competitive knowledge-based economy by 2010 and achieving sustainability by 2030).


The AM-platform is active since 2007 (formerly as the RM-platform)

Frits Feenstra

Frits Feenstra

Department of Rapid Manufacturing
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