European technology Sub-platform in Additive manufacturing: be aware of the latest advances on AM and 3D printing technologies and network with key stakeholders.


The AM DATABASE is a tool produced under the framework of FoF H2020 project “FoFAM”* ( in order to have an overview of the AM landscape and existing knowledge and capabilities and to facilitate networking. In this sense, it contains information on projects, regional strategies and main stakeholders around this set of technologies.
It is placed on the AM platform web site allowing its expansion, dissemination and continuation after the end of the project.

The FoFAM project has received funding from the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme (H2020) under grant agreement no. 636882.

The database follows the sectorial value chain approach established in the project, being possible to group the information around key sectors for the AM deployment in Europe. Initial sectors are: Medical and dental, Aerospace, Automotive, and consumer/electronics. More will be added.

The database is open to all entities and initiatives that play a role around AM, from technology developers, projects…. to end users, clusters, policy makers…. If you wish to be included on the database, please send an email to: info(at) and we will provide you with specific templates to be fill in. Also please contact us in case you have any other inquiry or find incorrect information.

The FoFAM project started with the collection of information; the is responsible for the expansion of the information and its dissemination.

Contact us by sending a mail to info AT in case:

  • you see incorrect information
  • You would like to add your projects
  • You yould like to have a report not currently not available. To generate new reports we are developing new queries continuously.

Available reports


More reports are to become available soon